Monthly Online Fee Payment

Dear Parents,
Since there have been many enquiries about payment of fees, during the Covid19 Pandemic, we have launched a monthly fee payment option ONLY FOR PARENTS WHO ARE GENUINELY UNDER FINANCIAL DISTRESS. Timely payment of fee helps us to pay our teachers and workers on time. Please remember that during the lockdown schools are open, although school buildings are closed and teachers and workers are working harder than ever from their homes.
Please READ The IMPORTANT POINTS below before proceeding:
1. Monthly fee payment is a temporary facility which is being provided only online. Monthly payment facility is not available via bank or cash counter.
2. If you have paid one month fees via monthly system, please pay all the REMAINING MONTHS OF THE QUARTER ALSO via MONTHLY online fee payment to avoid duplicate payments.
Example: if you pay April Fee via monthly mode then also pay May & June via monthly mode to complete the Quarter 1. (Q1 = Apr, May June) (Q2= Jul, Aug, Sep) (Q3=Oct, Nov, Dec) (Q4=Jan, Feb, Mar).

3. Monthly system requires you to pay the fee in order of each month of the Quarter. Example: If you have not paid the fee of April you cannot pay the fee for May
4. While making an online fee transaction you must not press the back or refresh button on the browser and wait for a few minutes after submitting the bank/ card details/OTP till the Fee Receipt is generated on screen.
5. Ensure you have an uninterrupted internet connection while making the online payment.
6. Ensure you enter a working and correct email address during the payment process.
7. In case the fee amount is deducted from your account/card and the fee receipt has NOT been generated or received via email - please send an application with your ward’s name, Admission number, mobile number and a copy of your bank/card statement showing the deduction of the fee amount to the following email:

In case you have FORGOTTEN your ward's ID Click Here