St. John’s Co-Ed School

Naini, Allahabad
Contact No. – +91 532 2694026/+91 6388361278
School Code – UP271

Admissions now open for Classes PreNur, Nursery & Class I. Limited seats only available.

Fee Structure

Composite Fee Structure

Academic Session 2020-2021
Classes Quarter I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Optional Computer Fee per Quarter Annual Tuition Fees w/o Computer Annual Tuition Fees with Computer
April-June July-September October-December January-March
PreNur-Prep 4750 4750 4750 4750 19000
I-V 5500 5500 5500 5500 22000
VI-VIII 5800 5800 5800 5800 23200
IX-X (Computer) 7000 7000 7000 7000 28000
IX-X (Commerce) 6200 6200 6200 6200 24800
XI-XII (Science) 7950 7950 7950 7950 1100 31800 36200
XI-XII (Commerce) 7600 7600 7600 7600 1100 30400 34800

Fee Rules & Notes:

  • One Time Annual EduLine Portal Fees of Rs 400 (includes Portal Maintenance, ID & School Diary Fees), to be paid in April 2020. There are no charges for SMS. It is being sent free of cost from the school’s side. The school is not responsible for any failed SMS deliveries due to Service/Network Issues.
  • Fee Deposit Dates for all Classes
    Quarter I 1st to 15th April
    Quarter II 1st to 15th July
    Quarter III 1st to 15th October
    Quarter IV 1st to 15th January
  • Cash Fees can only be deposited at Naini Branch of HDFC Bank at the Fees Deposit Counter on Bank Working days between 10AM-12PM during the due dates of a Quarter listed above.
  • Cheque Payments can only be made in the School Front Office. Please note Card Payments attract transaction fees from the bank so are not recommended as of Mon 08 July 2019 but parents may opt for the same at their discretion in the school Front office.
  • Fees can also be paid online at the following link during a quarter at:
  • Late fees of Rs 300 is applicable per quarter late after the 15th. Online payments made after the 15th of the month’s listed above will automatically add the late fees.
  • Bank will accept Fee payments after the 15th only with applicable late fee charges.
  • Cheques deposited in the school front office after 15th will also attract late fee charges as applicable.
  • After IIIrd Month the student will be allowed to attend classes only if all the dues are cleared immediately as per Fee rule No 5 given in school Diary.
  • If fees fall in arrears for more than a Quarter the students name will be compulsorily struck off the rolls. Readmission may not be granted.
  • If readmission is granted full fees and all other formalities will be undertaken like for any other new student.
  • New Admission & Readmission fee for Academic Session 2020-2021 is Rs 7000.
  • 1 months notice w.e.f 1st of a month must be given by Parents/Guardians when withdrawing a child else a months fees will be charged in lieu thereof.